Ulbrich acquires the flat wire division of Steel Heddle which is renamed Ulbrich Precision Flat Wire (UPFW), located in South Carolina. Facility is designed to produce solar, medical and diversified ribbon.


As demand for solar modules increases, UPFW adds capacity in South Carolina.  UPFW is now experiencing a significant boost in the output of solar ribbon.


To better service the European market, Ulbrich opens up a production facility in Ireland.  The new plants capabilities primarily focus on medical and solar markets.

2005 – 2006

Awareness of alternative energy increases in Europe, which in return impacts supply of solar modules as government offers attractive incentives for the installation of solar panels. Ulbrich continues to look for ways to expand as demand for PV ribbon goes up.


To keep up with European market demand for PV ribbon, Ulbrich makes a decision to expand its operations by opening a plant in Austria and installing custom designed equipment with the latest technology.Ulbrich introduces the revolutionary Light-Capturing Ribbon™ (LCR), designed by Professor Emanuel Sach of MIT, to the solar market.  It introduced under the license of 1366 Technologies.


Interest of solar modules penetrates Asian markets, which prompts Ulbrich to open a production facility in Hong Kong.

Ulbrich is pleased to announce the addition of a new forming technology for solar ribbon designed in a form of L shape and I shape bus. The innovative bus reduces thickness profile at bend when compared to soldering connection of folding. Furthermore, it eliminates an addition step in assembly of solar modules allowing module makers to realize additional cost savings. Finally, the L shape and I shape bus is aesthetically superior to alternative ribbon.

Engineered for thinner solar cells, Ulbrich introduces the lowest yield strength interconnect ribbon. To achieve increase in cell efficiency, module makers must use thinner cells, which demand the lowest yield strength ribbon to reduce stress on solar cells and avoid cell breakage. Ulbrich prides in ability to keep yield strength lower than 70N/mm2.


With increased interest and demand for Light Capturing Ribbon, Ulbrich begins commercial sale of LCR.  The grooved interconnect ribbon’s unique design enables module makers to achieve approximately 2% or more module power output gain. The improved efficiency is achieved by “recapturing” the light that normally leaves the module after striking the surface of standard ribbon.


Ulbrich forms the holding company Ulbrich Solar Technologies, Inc. The new company is headquartered in Westminster, South Carolina. The company continues to be on the leading edge of design, development and distribution of plated precision copper flat wire used for solar cell tabbing, string interconnect ribbon and bus wire including the new super-efficient Light Capturing Ribbon ™ (LCR).