Personalized material solutions

Assisting in all aspects of material selection and production of your solar cell connector requirements, Ulbrich’s team of expert metallurgists personalize material solutions to suit your precise needs and manufacturing processes.

Rapid prototype to production

Ninety years of history in working with metals, and a proven testing process, has lead our process metallurgists to the forefront in prototyping. You’ll be assisted by the same in-house metallurgist each time, enabling you to establish a strong working relationship.

State-of-the-art equipment

Ulbrich’s expert metallurgists have access to some of the most exclusive advanced equipment in the world. But, it’s the unrivaled know-how and personalized connection to the metallurgists using the best equipment that makes all the difference.

Customized Solutions

Any Material for any solution. This becomes necessary with the solar markets rapid emerging technologies. Ulbrich’s research engineers are working since nearly three decades to always be upfront on new cell and module technologies. Our customized solar products are used in crystalline and thin film applications and can be soldered, glued, welded or bonded. A brought variety of base materials, coatings and platings are available in different shapes and forms. To find out how Ulbrichs Engineers can help you to design your future solar module just contact our specialist and take advantage of our nearly 30 years of experience in the solar market.