Ulbrich Solar Innovation

It is not enough to produce the highest quality PV Ribbon products.  It is about innovating the next version or technology; bringing our customers improved ribbon design for a more efficient solar module.  At Ulbrich, innovation is what sets us apart and makes us the leader in PV Ribbon design and production.  Our dedicated research and development facility continuously pioneers new solar interconnect wire and bus ribbon designs for maximum cell output efficiencies.

Our highly trained staff of engineers and executives partner with scientists, universities and corporations to develop cutting edge technologies that improve PV ribbon design and solar module performance.  Whether it is our LCR™ grooved interconnect ribbon,new base metals, lower yield strengths, plating, solders or adhesives, our goal is to provide state-of-the-art PV ribbon products that add value to your module.

This dedication to continual innovation and product development ensures that leading edge technologies are available to our customers.  To partner with Ulbrich contact: Solar@Ulbrich.com

Infinity Project – Climate sensitive photovoltaics
Ulbrich of Austria is industrial partner of the Austrian lead project „Infinity“, that conducts research into a new generation of photovoltaic systems.

The project INFINITY has the goal to adapt the photovoltaic system to different climatic and regional requirements. The holistic approach includes research along the entire value chain, beginning with materials, components, modules and the holistic pv-system. The project is conducted in close cooperation with scientific and industrial partners. Read more