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Ulbrich Solar Technologies and Heraeus Photovoltaics Launch New Product- Selectively Coated Ribbon (SCR™)

Posted: September 24, 2018 9:01 AM EST

Ulbrich Solar Technologies and Heraeus Photovoltaics have launched an advanced interconnect product called Selectively Coated Ribbon (SCR™).  This “plug and play” ribbon can be integrated into existing stringing equipment, and result in additional power gain for module manufactures. 

MULLENDORF, Austria – September 24, 2018 – Ulbrich Solar Technologies, global leader in the production of PV ribbon products for traditional solder, hybrid solder and conductive adhesive technologies, and Heraeus Photovoltaics, a leading technology solution provider for the renewable energy industry, have announced a joint manufacturing and sales partnership.  Under this agreement, Ulbrich will manufacture and the bring to market the new Heraeus line of patented advanced Selectively Coated Ribbons (SCR™) to the PV module manufacturing market.  This innovative product uses coated ribbons to deliver increased power gain, while allowing module manufactures to utilize their existing equipment.

PV Ribbons play an integral part of the module manufacturing process, as they are the mechanism that connects and transmits current between crystalline silicon solar cells, and eventually out of the module.  The Heraeus Selectively Coated Ribbon (SCR™) represents a breakthrough with its unique design. While traditional PV ribbons typically have a solder coating on them, the Heraeus SCR™ is a tabbing ribbon designed with stripes of highly-reflective white coating running across its edges, with the solder coating in the middle. As a result, the new design delivers significant improvements in performance, including:

  • A power gain of up to 2.2 watts on module level;
  • No capital investment required: the Heraeus SCR™ is designed as a “plug and play” solution that easily integrates into the existing manufacturing process without additional equipment;
  • All relevant soldering technologies tested and compatibility with different stringers proven;
  • Reliability tests have been successfully completed: TCT400 passed and 240 kWh/m² UV-DH passed;
  • Versatility to works on conventional module designs as well as modules made with half-cut cells and bifacial modules.

Peter Berghofer, the General Manager of Ulbrich of Austria GmbH, said, “The requirements for new products in the module manufacturing process are very demanding. New products need to be cost competitive, innovative and reliable. The new SCR fulfils those expectations by increasing the power of every single module without any investment or additional effort for the module manufacturers. We expect this product to be a real game changer in module manufacturing.” Dr. Weiming Zhang, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Heraeus Photovoltaics, added, “Solutions like our Selectively Coated Ribbons are another example of why we invest so heavily into IP. This partnership with Ulbrich will help us bring this innovation to market quickly so the industry can continue to make solar the most efficient and important renewable energy source.”

Heraeus announced that Ulbrich will initially sell its Selectively Coated Ribbons in Europe, Russia, Turkey, the Middle East, Mexico and the United States. Sampling to key customers will begin starting in September 2018, with several hundred megawatts of module manufacturing projected to be supported by 2019.

About Ulbrich Solar Technologies

Ulbrich Solar Technologies continues to be a world leader in PV Ribbon products that interconnect and transmit current for crystalline solar cells and thin film.  For decades, we have supplied the Solar Industry with our tinned flat copper wire, continually identifying emerging PV Ribbon technologies and engineering innovative solutions to increase the electrical output and performance of solar modules.

Our Research Team and Applications Engineers develop customized products and processes that supply cost-effective solutions to module manufacturers around the globe.

Ulbrich’s PV Ribbon products include the following:

  • Interconnect Wire & Solar Cell Tabbing including LCR™ (Light Capturing Ribbon) – Wire that connects and transmits current between crystalline silicon solar cells
  • Bus Wire for Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells – Collects and transmits current from tabbing and interconnect wire to the junction box
  • Bus Wire for Thin Film – Transmits the current from the thin film modules and internal connection to the junction box
  • Thin Film Substrates – Metal Foils used for thin film substrates

Our PV Ribbon products are rolled burr-free and 100% solder coated, ensuring perfect protection against corrosion or interaction with PV module encapsulants.  Our state of the art facilities are located in North America and Europe.

Media Contacts

Peter Berghofer

General Manager

Ulbrich Solar Technologies – Austria

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Ulbrich Solar Technologies, Inc., Is Awarded Top Technology Award By Solarworld AG

Ulbrich Solar Technologies, Inc., was awarded the Top Technology Award by Solarworld AG for excellence in the development of new solder strips and technical support efforts during implementation.

Westminster, SC (PRWEB) May 26, 2014  The Solarworld award acknowledging Ulbrich Solar’s service and performance was presented to PeterBerghofer, General Manager and Karin Brosch, Manager Sales & Marketing, Ulbrich of Austria. Solarworld recognized Ulbrich’s excellence in developing new soldering strips for solar cells and providing local technical support when these strips were introduced into their manufacturing lines. The awards were presented to only 4 of their 3000+ suppliers and recognized all of the Ulbrich Solar facilities.

Ulbrich Solar Technologies boasts three locations, with two in the US and one in Austria. As a world leader in the production of PV Ribbon products for traditional solder, hybrid solder and conductive adhesive technologies, Ulbrich partners with leading Solar Module Manufacturers around the globe to provide state-of-the art module solutions.

From the left: Dr. Holger Neuhaus, Managing Director of Solarworld Innovations GmbH, Karin Brosch, Sales and Marketing Manager, Ulbrich of Austria GmbH, Dr. h.c. Frank Asbeck, CEO and founder SolarWorld AG, Peter Berghofer, General Manager, Ulbrich of Austria GmbH, Gary Starr, Vice President Procurement, Solarworld USA, Daniel Menzel, Director of Global Procurement, Solarworld Ag

“Ulbrich has always been on the cutting-edge of PV ribbon technology, with over twenty years of experience in the Industry. Our team of innovators and engineers develop the individualized solutions that today’s module makers require. Our ability to create engineered products tailored to each customer’s specifications and provide on-site technical assistance, proves us invaluable to the top solar module manufacturers for both crystalline silicon and thin film solutions. We are proud to be recognized by Solarworld AG for our partnership and dedication to providing the best PV Ribbon products and service in the Industry,” commented Ed Treglia, Vice President, Ulbrich Solar Technologies, Inc.

Ulbrich Solar Technologies, Inc., is headquartered in Westminster South Carolina. Their products include; solar cell tabbing, interconnect wire, bus ribbon, pre-formed/cut bus ribbon, and thin film substrates. Ulbrich also offers LCR™ (Light-Capturing Ribbon), an innovative ‘grooved’ interconnect wire, that reflects more light onto the surface a cell, increasing output by up to 3% over traditional flat ribbon.

For more information on LCR™ and our entire family of PV Ribbon products contact us here:

Ulbrich Solar Technologies, Inc.
692 Plant Road
Westminster SC 29693
Tel: 864.647.6087
Fax: 864.647.0482


Solarworld AG, headquartered in Bonn, Germany, produces and sells solar power solutions, world-wide and can be contacted at


New PV Ribbon Developed for Improved Performance with Conductive Adhesives, Films, Pastes, Tapes and Hybrid Solder

Ulbrich Solar Technologies, Inc., announces volume production of interconnect ribbon products for solar module manufacturers using non-solder and hybrid-solder technologies

Westminster, SC, Sept 18, 2013: Ulbrich Solar Technologies, Inc., a world leader in the innovation and production of PV Ribbon products, announces the newest additions to their family of solar cell interconnect wire designed specifically for use with conductive adhesives applications. Easybond-XP™ (silver plated) and EasyBond-SP™ (tin plated) have been created for use with multiple forms of non-solder or hybrid solder technologies including liquid adhesives, pastes, tapes and low melting solder/resins.

The Easybond™ family of interconnect ribbon is engineered to meet each module manufacturers unique specifications. Ed Treglia, Vice President of Ulbrich Solar Technologies, added, “We developed these new PVribbon products for module manufacturers pioneering new adhesive methods and products. Our goal is to provide our customers with a lower cost, high value product that improves their manufacturing processes, lowers cell breakage and maximizes module power output.”

Easybond™ joins the family high performance PV Ribbon options including the innovative LCR line of’ grooved’ ribbon, recognized for its ability to capture more light than standard ‘smooth’ ribbon. Easybond™ is offered as a value alternative to LCR™ while maintaining critical features such as low yield strengths, tightly controlled camber, precision winding and vacuum packed spools. The new interconnect wire is offered in a variety of copper base alloys and multiple plating options including silver and tin. Easybond™ is produced in thicknesses up to .35mm and 6mm wide and is now available in full production quantities.

Ulbrich Solar Technologies, Inc., is headquartered in Westminster, South Carolina. UST offers two facilities in the US and one is Europe. The Ulbrich family of companies has been dedicated for over 20 years to providing highly engineered photovoltaic ribbon including solar cell tabbing, interconnect wire, bus ribbon, and thin film substrates to solar module manufacturers around the globe.

Visit us at EU PVSEC, October 1-3, Paris, at booth 1G11 or at Solar Power International, Chicago, October 21-24, at Booth 231.

For More Information on the EasyBond™ or LCR™ Family of Products Contact: