PV Ribbon Products

PV Ribbon ImageUlbrich Manufactures High Quality PV Ribbon Products Including:

Solar Bus WireWe produce custom engineered solar tabbing and  bus wire helping to attain the highest efficiencies possible for each unique module design.   Our Research and Development team can assist you with your needs evaluation and our world-wide manufacturing facilities are strategically located for large volume production.

Our LCR™ Ribbon, an innovative grooved solar cell tabbing ribbon,  increases the efficiency of a solar module by reflecting light back onto the surface of the cell.This grooved ribbon replaces the traditional wire that connects solar cells together.  Eighty percent of the photocurrent from light that strikes the ribbon is recovered-far better than the 5% recovered by standard interconnectwire.  The recaptured light creates up to a 2% module efficiency gain.

  • Minimal Camber
  • Consistent Dimensions
  • Extra Soft-Low Yield Ribbon Available
  • High Efficiency LCR-XP™ and LCR-SP™

In addition to tinned copper wire, Ulbrich also manufactures silver plated copper, aluminum alloys, hybrid alloys and metal substrate materials.

Crystalline silicon solar module technology consists of monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon.  These modules are made from silicon ingots that are sliced into wafers.  These wafers are used as substrate materials when making the modules.   These two technologies represent the majority of module technology today.  Ulbrich supplies interconnect and buss ribbon used to maximize the performance and efficiency of the solar modules.

Stainless Foil Substrate for Thin FilmThin film technology utilizes a variety of materials that are deposited onto glass, metal and organic substrates.  While this is a different technology,   Ulbrich has the ability to provide pv ribbon materials for conductor ribbon (thin film buss wire) and stainless steel strip for the metal substrate used in thin film solar modules.