Solar Bus Wire (Bus Bar) for Crystalline Silicon

Ulbrich Solar Bus Wire is primarily produced from a tin or tin alloy coated copper flat wire.

Our Solar Bus Wire is rolled from round wire, then solder coated on all four sides.  This combination of processes results in superior coatings and a completely burr free product.  Our PV Ribbon products are produced from the highest quality material, with each order engineered to your dimensional and physical property specifications

Bus Wire – Continuous Coil

  • Solar Bus Wire available on all standard spools or ribbon wound coils
  • Lead or Lead free solders applied on all four sides for consistent bonding with tabbing ribbon
  • Consistent surface finish

Continuous Bus Wire Data Sheet

Bus Wire – Preformed L Bus and I Bus

  L Bus Wire:

  • Engineered L shape to customer specifications with a high quality precise bend
  • Curve is free of wrinkles and unwanted deformations
  • Pre-cut and ready to install reduces production costs

 I Bus Wire:

  • Straight bus wire cut to custom lengths
  • Packed in sturdy plastic tubes
  • Coating type and thickness made to customer specification

L Bus and I Bus Data Sheet

Additional Bus Shapes are available upon request.  Please contact Solar@Ulbrichcom for more information