LCR-SP™ Tinned Light-Capturing Ribbon High Efficiency Solar Interconnect Wire

LCR-SP™ is a higher efficiency grooved solar cell interconnect wire that replaces traditional flat ribbon used to connect solar cells together within a module.  It was developed to increase the efficiency of a solar module by reflecting more light back onto the surface of the cell.  This innovative grooved interconnect wire steers the reflected light back to the glass/air interface allowing total internal reflection back onto the cell surface.  Up to 80% of the incoming light that strikes the LCR-SP™ ribbon is recovered significantly higher than the 5% recovery of traditional solar cell tabbing and interconnect wire.

  • Up to 3% increase in solar module power output
  • Tin plated for maximum reflectivity and conductivity
  • Engineered lower yield  strength copper wire to prevent cell damage during stringing process
  • Now also available in Aluminum
  • Compatible with current manufacturing processes with minimal retooling
  • Application Engineers design LCR products to satisfy each clients’ unique needs and specifications
  • Improved Aesthetics – uniformly dark cells for improved appearance
  • Low Coefficient of thermal expansion (low yield) for minimal internal stress  (day/night effect) prevents cell breakage during extreme temperature changes and variations.

LCR Light Capturing Ribbon

Data Sheet for LCR-SP™

Up to 3% Increase in Solar Module Output*

  • Up to 80% of the photocurrent from light that strikes the grooved ribbon is recovered.  Increased efficiencies also mean less modules, land, transportation and installation charges.
  • Increase in output from wire grooved shape as well as wire thickness and width optimization.

Transition to Larger, Thinner Solar Cells

  • LCR-SP™ Wire can be made in varying cross sections to reduce resistive losses, maximizing current output, without compromising module efficiency.

Compatible with Your Current Stringer Equipment

  • LCR-SP™ Ribbon offers multiple application methods that can be adapted to your current tabber-stringer equipment. 
    • Conductive Pastes
    • Conductive Adhesives
    • Conductive Films
    • Soldering

Improved Module Appearance

The new solar cell modules using the LCR-SP™ Ribbon are uniformly dark because most of the light striking the cell is captured.  This sleek, dark appearance makes them the primary choice in improving architectural aesthetics.  They are easily recognized and distinguished from the standard products and have a higher customer appeal.

*actual power output can vary depending on design.