EasyBond-XP™ Tabbing/Interconnect

EasyBond-XP™ (silver) is a high efficiency cell interconnect and tabbing wire engineered specifically for use with conductive adhesives.  This non-soldered, innovative solar cell tabbing was developed to increase the power output of a solar module by optimizing the cross section as well as the mechanical properties of the ribbon.

  • Silver plated on all sides for maximum reflectivity and conductivity
  • Low yield wire for less cell breakage
  • Engineered for use with conductive adhesives
  • EasyBond™ products are engineered to satisfy each clients’ unique needs and specifications for minimum resistive losses for maximum current output.
  • Improved Aesthetics – uniformly dark cells for improved appearance
  • RoHS Compliant

Data Sheet for EasyBond-XP™

Up to 1% Increase in Solar Module Power Output*

  • Power  gains from the optimization of the ribbon cross section and mechanical properties which reduce resistive losses, maximizing      current output, without compromising module efficiency.

Designed for Use With Conductive Adhesives

EasyBond-XP™ Ribbon offers multiple application methods that can be adapted to your current tabber-stringer equipment.

  • Conductive Pastes
  • Conductive Adhesives
  • Conductive Films
  • Hybrid Solder/Resin

Improved Module Appearance

The new solar cell modules using the EasyBond-XP™ Ribbon are uniformly dark because most of the light striking the cell is captured. This sleek, dark appearance makes them the primary choice in improving architectural aesthetics. They are easily recognized and distinguished from the standard products and have a higher customer appeal.

*actual power output can vary depending on design.