Metal Foil Substrates for Solar Thin Film

Ulbrich produces metal foil substrates for thin film solar modules.    Global applications engineers and metallurgists are available to assist with material selection.  Our state of the art Ultralite Foil facility is dedicated producing over 170 alloys starting at .0127 mm.

Our 89 years of flat rolling experience, provides you a flat product with no ripples, buckles, creases or edge wave.

Features & Benefits of Ulbrich Substrates:

  • Surface Morphology down to 250 angstroms
  • Oil and defect free surface for optimal deposition
  • Close dimension tolerances on thickness and width
  • Thickness starting at .0127mm
  • Alloys including:  Stainless 300 and 400 series, PH grades, Nickel alloys, Cobalt alloys and Titanium